Songs Sung by
St. Peter’s Chorus
  1. 1.Will We Know Him? by Don Besig

  2. 2.Carol for Advent by Don Besig

  3. 3.O Shepherds, Aren’t You Happy arranged by Hal H. Hopson

  4. 4.Novum Genus Potentiae by Costanzo Festa, edited by Judith Otten

  5. 5.This Holy Night arranged by Donald Moore

  6. 6.Hodie! Alleluia! by Mary Lynn Lightfoot

  7. 7.Christmas Angel by Corlynn Hanney

  8. 8.Angels’ Carol by John Rutter

  9. 9.The Huron Carol arranged by Robert B. Anderson

  10. 10.What Child is This? arranged by Jonathan Quick

  11. 11.Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head arranged by John Jacob Niles

  12. 12.Hodie! Emmanuel! Gloria by Milburn Price

  1. 1.Hosanna, Hosanna! by Williams & Martin

  2. 2.O Praise Ye The Lord by Dale Wood

  3. 3.This is Our Place of Meeting with God by Parker & Courtney

  4. 4.This Do in Remembrance of Me by Judy Hunnicutt

  5. 5.Go To Dark Gethsemane by Gordon Young

  6. 6.In Monte Oliveti (On The Mount of Olives)  by Anton Bruckner, edited by Rod Walker

  7. 7.In Pilate’s Hall by John Carter

  8. 8.O Come and Mourn arranged by Hal Hopson

  9. 9.Ave Verum Corpus (Hail, O Hail True Body) by William Byrd, edited by John Morehen

  10. 10.Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? arranged by Hal Hopson

  11. 11.Pavonne by Andrea Klouse (FESTIVAL)

  12. 12.What Wondrous Love Is This arranged by Jack Schrader (FESTIVAL)

  13. 13.Thou Art Worthy Opening by David Clydesdale

  14. 14.Eternity in Your Eyes

  15. 15.The Lord of Host is Risen

  16. 16.When He Shall Come

  17. 17.My Savior First of All

  18. 18.All Rise

  19. 19.What Can I Do

  20. 20.Thou Art Worthy-When We All Get to Heaven

The Messiah by G. F. Handel

      1. Messiah Overture

      2. Comfort Ye My People

      3. Every Valley

      4. And the Glory of the Lord

      5. Behold, & O Thou that Tellest

      6. For unto Us a Child is Born

      7. Pastoral Symphony

      8. Messiah Recitives

      9. Glory To God

    10. Rejoice Greatly

    11. Recitative & Air

    12. Hallelujah
It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas - arr. M. Hayes

      14. The Twelve Days Of Christmas - arr. A. Carter

    15. Have Yourself  a Merry Little Christmas - arr. T. Chinn

    16. Go Where I send Thee - arr. P. Caldwell & S. Ivory

    17. O Holy Night - arr. J. Leavitt

    18. Silent Night - arr. R. Robinson

    19. Wasn't that a Mighty Day - by L. Shackley

    20. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - arr. J. Rutter

1. This is My Home by Gibson & Buckley - O Canada

2. Land of Maquinna by Dave Baker, arr. Larry Nickel

3. I Dreamed of Rain by Jan Garrett, arr. Larry Nickel

4. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? by Pete Seeger, arr. by Mark Sirett

5. The Swallow arranged by Nancy Telfer

6. Savory, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme arr. by Donald Patriquin

7. Etude #4 by Charles Koechlin - Gerard Weber on saxophone

8. Etude #6 by Charles Koechlin - Gerard Weber on saxophone

9. Skye Boat Song arr. Stephen Smith

10. Hunker Down by Tobin Stokes

11. Mairi's Wedding arr. by Eric Robertson

12. Four Strong Winds by Ian Tyson, arr. Larry Nickel

13. Sonata #6, 1st & 2nd movements by J.S. Bach - Gerard Weber on saxophone

14. Scarborough Fair arr. by Stephen Smith

15. The Prayer/Lead Us Lord by Sager & Foster, arr. by Tom Tettke

16. Jesus Loves Me arr. by Tom Fettke - Angela Yakimoski, solo

17. May I Be Still by Brian Tate

18. Taste and See by Larry Nickel

19. Still the Song Lives On by Clary Croft, arr. by Larry Nickel for St. Peter's Chorus
     - Maxine Moore, solo

  1. 1.Keep the Watch, People of Zion arranged by Patti Drennan

  2. 2.Solstice Song arranged by Larry Nickel

  3. 3.Clear Was the Night by Don Besig & Nancy Price

  4. 4.Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming arranged by Russell Robinson

  5. 5.Sing Gloria by Katherine K. Davis

  6. 6.The Birthday of a King by W. H. Neidlinger

  7. 7.Four Slovak Christmas Carols arranged by John Holler

  8. 8.Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine arranged by Eugene Butler

  9. 9.Sweet Little Jesus Boy arranged by Don Hart

  10. 10.Silent Night arranged by Nancy Telfer

  11. 11.Pretty Little Baby arranged by James Cleveland

  12. 12.The Most Wonderful Time of the Year arranged by Jerry Rubino

  13. 13.I Remember December by Lloyd Larson & Mary Kay Beall

  14. 14.White Christmas by Irving Berlin, arranged by Roy Ringwald

  15. 15.Bugler’s Holiday arranged by Sally Albrecht

  16. 16.Christmas Is A-Comin’ by Frank Luther

  17. 17.Jingle Bells arranged by Ray Charles

  18. 18.Hang the Holly arranged by Dean Rishel

  19. 19.Still the Song Lives On arranged by Larry Nickel

  20. 20.Christmas Time is Here (Maxine’s solo)

  1. 11.Great Joy A Comin'

  2. 12.Silent Night

  3. 13.Angels We Have Heard on High

  4. 14.Symphony #1 St. Peter’s Orchestra

  5. 15.Scottish Mist St. Peter’s Orchestra

  6. 16.Echo Carol St. Peter’s Orchestra

  7. 17.Christmas Waltz

  8. 18.Hang The Holly

  9. 19.Amen

  10. 20.Jingle Bells

  1. 8.Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Medley

  2. 9.Music From the Royal Fireworks St. Peter’s Orchestra

  3. 10.More Music from the Royal Fireworks St. Peter’s Orchestra

  4. 11.The Lord of the Rings St. Peter’s Orchestra

  5. 12.Pomp and circumstance St. Peter’s Orchestra

  6. 13.Les Miserables Medley

  1. 1.O Canada

  2. 2.Lean On Me

  3. 3.Nelly Bly

  4. 4.On Top of Old Smokey

  5. 5.Comin' Through the Rye

  6. 6.Chickens In the Garden Men’s Chorus

  7. 7.A Red Red Rose Men’s Chorus

  8. 8.Danny Boy Women’s Chorus (FESTIVAL)

  9. 9.I'se The B'y Women’s Chorus (FESTIVAL)

  10. 10. John Kanaka

  11. 11.O Fortuna

  1. 12.Air St. Peter’s Orchestra

  2. 13.Orange Blossum Special St. Peter’s Orchestra

  3. 14.The Ash Grove

  4. 15.Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be

  5. 16.Farmer Tan

  6. 17.Loveliest of Trees Women’s Chorus

  7. 18.Old Lady Rose

  8. 19.Four Strong Winds (FESTIVAL)

  9. 20.Carousel

  10. 21.Time is My Friend

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  1. 12.The Wedding Ring

  2. 13.The Rim of Time

  3. 14.Ah Quanto e vero Freya Knafelc solo

  4. 15.Wade in the Water Josephine Moellenbeck

  5. 16.Pieta Signore Spencer McKnight solo

  6. 17.Sonata in G Terry Sturge cello

  7. 18.Die Fledermaus Terry Sturge cello

  8. 19.He Watching Over Israel

  9. 20.Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

  10. 21.Domine Fili Unigenite

  11. 22.Honor and Glory

  12. 23.Via con dios

  1. 14.The Sea is Awash with Roses Spencer McKnight-tenor, Mark Turner-piano

  2. 15.Comfort Ye/Ev’ry Valley Spencer McKnight-tenor, Mark Turner-piano

  3. 16.O Solomio Spencer McKnight-tenor, Mark Turner-piano

  4. 17.Russian Picnic Spencer McKnight-tenor solo

  5. 18.Gloria - Haydn

  6. 19.Still, Still, Still

  7. 20.Silent Night arr. Robinson

  8. 21.Three Festive Carols for Christmas

  9. 22.O Come All Ye Faithful

10. Gonna Sit Down and Rest Awhile

  1. 11.All In the April Evening

  2. 12.In the Garden

  3. 13.Third Air Varie, “Norma” Emily Engele, violin

  4. 14.Pussy Willows, Cat-tails Women’s Chorus

  5. 15.We Rise Again Women’s Chorus
    Cynthia Ficko, soprano solo

  6. 16.Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)

  7. 17.The Wind Beneath My Wings

  8. 18.Here’s to Song
    Maxine Moore, soprano solo

  1. 1.Advent Celebration

  2. 2.Transeamus usque Bethlehem

  3. 3.Bei Bethlehem  Live Performance

  4. 4.Bei Bethlehem

  5. 5.Gesu Bambino Men’s Chorus

  6. 6.Sweeter The Bells Never Ring Men’s Chorus

  7. 7.Alleluja Choral from Cantata #142 Men’s Chorus

  8. 8.Little Drummer Boy Michele & Kevin Ackerman

  9. 9.I'll Be Home For Christmas Michele & Kevin A.

  10. 10.What Sweeter Music Women’s Chorus

  11. 11.This Holy Night

Christmas Concert 2015

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, December 13

Spring Concert 2015

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, April 19

Christmas Concert 2014

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, December 7

Spring Concert 2014

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, May 2

Christmas Concert 2013

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, December 15

Spring Concert 2013

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, April 28

Christmas Concert 2012

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, December 7

Spring Concert 2012

St. Augustine Church Hall, Humboldt, April 29

Christmas Concert 2011

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, December 4

Spring Concert 2011

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, April 17

  1. 1.Waltz from Die Fledermaus

  2. 2.Somewhere My Love

  3. 3.If

  4. 4.Papillon D'Amour

  5. 5.Barbara Allen

  6. 6.Loch Lomond Men’s Chorus, Bob Henderson

  7. 7.Five Foot Two Men’s Chorus

  8. 8.Mister Sandman Women’s Chorus

  9. 9.Nigra Sum Women’s Chorus

  10. 10. Black is the Color Dale Avison clarinet

  11. 11. The Passionate Shepherd

Christmas Concert 2010

St. Augustine Church Hall, Humboldt, December 10

Spring Concert 2010

Assumption Church, Marysburg, April 25

Christmas Concert 2009

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, December 7

Spring Concert 2009

Assumption Church, Marysburg, April 24

Christmas Concert 2008

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, December 7

Spring Concert 2008

Assumption Church, Marysburg, April 18

Christmas Concert 2007

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, December 9

Spring Concert 2007

40th Anniversary Celebration Concert

Assumption Church, Marysburg, April 22

Christmas Concert 2006

40th Anniversary Advent Concert

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, December 10

Spring Concert 2006

“A Broadway Showcase”

Assumption Church, Marysburg, April 30

Christmas Concert 2005

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, December 11

Spring Concert 2005

“A Tribute to Saskatchewan”

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, April 17

Christmas Concert 2004

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, December 10

Spring Concert 2004

Assumption Church, Marysburg, April 25

Christmas Concert 2003

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, December 14

(Because of technical problems, some songs are missing.)

Spring Concert 2016

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, April 24

  1. 1. There’s No Business Like Show Business

  2. 2. Broadway Medley

  3. 3. Morning Hymn Women’s Chorus

  4. 4. Hail Holy Queen Women’s Chorus, soloists:
        Alanna Hoesgan, Lauren Kiefer

  5. 5. Prologue and Wedding Dance
        Michele Ackerman, flute; Dale Avison clarinet

  6. 6. They Call the Wind Maria Men’s Chorus

  7. 7. Standing on the Corner Men’s Chorus

  8. 8. The Impossible Dream

  9. 9.Medley from Les Miserables soloists:
        Alanna Hoesgen, Wayne Dick, Lauren Kiefer,
        Bob Henderson, Carol Hushagen

10. Choral Selections from Oliver! soloists:
        Rita Frank, Susan Creurer, Lisa Major,
        Maxine Moore, Glenn Hantke

  1. 11.Memory Amanda Baldwin-Block, solo

  2. 12.Phantom of the Opera

  3. 13.Medley from Mary Poppins, soloists:
        Paul Boyer, Ray Purdie

  4. 14.Thank You For the Music
        Maxine Moore, solo

  5. 15.Nothing Can Stop Me Now

Christmas Concert 2016 (inside)

St. Brieux Church, St. Brieux, December 2

50th Anniversary Spring Concert 2017 History insert

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, April 30

Advent Concert 2017

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, December 10

Sing Into Spring 2018

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, April 29

Sing Into Spring 2018

Knox United Church, Lanigan, April 27

Lest We Forget 2018

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, December 2

15. In Flanders Fields AMANDA BALDWIN-BLOCK

16. Play A Simple Melody

17. WWI Medley

18. Lest We Forget (slideshow)

19. WWII Medley

20. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

21. Theme From M*A*S*H THELMA PEARCE

22. Soldier's Cry SUSAN CREURER

23. Dona Nobis Pacem WOMEN

24. Bring Him Home ROBERT DICK

25. Prayer Of The Children

26. Creation Will Be at Peace

27. Silent Night AL HINGLEY, ROBERT DICK solo

28. This Is My Home

The Passion and the Resurrection

Philadelphia Mennonite Brethren Church, Watrous, April 12, 2019

Together For Christmas

Zion Lutheran Church, Saskatoon, November 24, 2019

5. Glory, Glory, Creation Sings

6. Lo, How A Rose E're Blooming

7. Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine

8. In The Beak Midwinter MAXINE MOORE solo

2019 Advent Concert

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, December 1

In The Beak Mid-Winter MEN, Maxine Moore solo
                                         KAREN REYNAUD piano

It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Christmas At The Movies

I Wish You Christmas

This Holy Night

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Spring Concert 2022

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, May 1

Bethlehem Bound 2022

St. Augustine Church, Humboldt, December 11

Bethlehem Bound 2022

Knox United Church, Lanigan, December 9

Spring Concert 2023

St. Augustine, Humboldt, April 30

Spring Concert 2023

St. Brieux Church, St. Brieux, April 28

The Spirit of Christmas 2023

St. Augustine, Humboldt, Dec.10

30 Years of Beautiful Music 1998

St. Peter’s Church, Muenster, April 26