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Links to Other Music Fun

 SFS Kids - San Francisco Symphony’s fun with music for the whole family.
Keeping Score - learn about classical music
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra's magical doorway to a world of musical fun and learning for students, parents and teachers!
 Music Theory - a more complete site for learning music
 Music Tech Teacher - games and fun ways to learn more about music
Music Theory Worksheets - for those who prefer to work on paper
 BBC Radio’s “The Choir” - Exploring all things choral!
Learn to Sing - tips on breathing, finding your voice and a singing guide
Learn to Sing: Warming Up
Learn to Sing: Articulation - Loud and Clear
 A Concise Guide To The Chorus - poking fun at the different sections: SATB
Silent Monks Sing Halleluia - on YouTube
3 year old Jonathan conducts the 4th movement of Beethoven’s 5th symphonyhttp://www.sfskids.org